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Fact Sheet 2017 2016 2015 2014
Yield to Maturity  5.90%**  6.53%  6.20% 6.40%
Average Coupon  5.90%  6.62%  6.65% 6.80%
Average Maturity  20.9  19.1  19.6 18.6
*Some bonds are subject to call provisions which could slightly increase or reduce the yield if called prior to maturity. Further information regarding returns will be provided per request. Actual returns have exceeded YTM in all years listed above (adjusting for 2016 Peabody bankruptcy with the preferred stock and Rights Offering rec’d in 2016– by 2017 returns of those securities exceeded YTM, but not within the year)

**Blended rate including tax adjusted yield of muni bonds purchased. (5.5% was the taxable YTM in 2017).

Sector /%
Water Utility /32%
Electric Utility /13%
State GO /11%
Refining /11%
Gas Utility /10%
Telephone /9%
Coal /6%
Michigan School program /3%
Autos /2%
Industrial /2%
Local GO /1%

Purchases /Sector
Nevada Water Utility/ Water Sys.
Chicago Water/ Water Sys.
Illinois GO /State GO
Marathon Petroleum /Refining
Western Nat. Gas Utility /Gas Utility
Dayton Power /Electric Util.
Verizon Comm. /Telecom
Empire District Electric /Electric Util.

Sector %
Refinery 28.4%
Electric Utility 24.4%
Telephone Utility 22.7%
State GO 7.2%
School District 6.4%
Water utility 6.2%
Oil & Gas 3.3%
Higher Education 1.0%
Coal 0.4%
Purchases Sector
Marathon Petroleum Refinery
Conoco Phillips Oil & Gas
Philadelphia School District Sch. Dist.
Valero Energy Refinery
Chicago Water Water Sy
Phillips 66 Refinery
PUBLIC MARKETS – SECONDARY MARKET BOND PURCHASES Corporate and Municipal bond purchases in the secondary market. **Peabody Energy 2015 distressed bond purchases were not included in the YTM calculation due to the credit being classified as “high risk”. KHC-2015-Tombstones